Beverly Willis is a passionate digital marketer who has a great story to tell. She is always proactive in her approach and is quick to adapt to change. Her journey in the digital marketing world began when she realized that she had a passion for helping individuals and small businesses grow their online presence.

During this time in the industry, Beverly has realized that there is a growing need for platform(s) that help small businesses and individuals learn about digital marketing without breaking the bank. She knows that digital marketing is a crucial part of any business's growth strategy but also understands that not everyone has the resources to hire digital marketing agencies or attend expensive conferences.

With this need in mind, Beverly started her own digital marketing organization (B-EverGreen Digital Marketing, LLC) where she provides affordable digital marketing advice to individuals and small businesses. She also presents online platform(s) that offer free and paid digital marketing courses and resources which have helped many people grow their online presence and succeed in their businesses.

Beverly's dedication to helping people has not gone unnoticed. She can be seen on TikTok, Face Book, Instagram, Pinterest, Clapper, YouTube, Lemon8, and LINKEDIn. Beverly's story is a testament to the power of hard work and the value of helping others.   
B-EverGreen Digital Marketing, LLC
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